Tricks to contract a liability insurance for your scooter

November 13 , 2020 // Specialty : Liability derived from the use of motor vehicles

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According to the regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic, if the vehicle with which it is circulating is classified in the category of personal mobility (VMP) it is not necessary to take out insurance to circulate. However, the fact that it is not an obligation does not mean that it is not advisable to have a policy that covers possible damage in the event of, for example, an accident.

The Organization of Consumers and Users warns that having a minimum civil liability insurance is the best way to be prepared for those accidents that "almost never happen" but that when they occur can end up leaving a large debt in your pocket. Bad insurer practices that you should be able to spot A civil liability coverage will cover all damages and defects that could have been your fault in the event of an accident when you are riding your electric scooter or your bicycle. In addition, depending on the modality contracted, the policy can cover numerous unforeseen situations. According to the OCU, there are two ways to contract this coverage:

• A specific liability insurance. For less than 100 euros a year you can have a coverage of 600,000 euros.

• Contract or improve the civil liability coverage of your home insurance, with the advantage of having the coverage of this kind of insurance. The most important thing when hiring civil liability insurance is to know which of these two options compensates more, taking into account the characteristics and options of the home insurance that you already have contracted (if you have one).

On the other hand, some tricks that allow you to make sure you have the appropriate third-party policy are:

• Before hiring anything, check the policies you already have: some cover this type of mishap.

• If you hire a new one, check that the contract specifies what type of coverage you receive, such as whether or not you have the assistance of a lawyer.

• There must be a correct assessment of the insured risk.

• Price, payment method, duration ... are details that have to be clear from the beginning. • How solvent is the insurer we are hiring? Liability accidents can carry expensive costs.


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