Todo lo que debes saber sobre la responsabilidad civil profesional

July 07 , 2020 // Specialty : Professional Liability: lawyers, doctors and other professionals

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In the exercise of their activity, a self-employed person can cause damage to people or their property, thus generating professional civil liability. The risks that give rise to this can be very varied and have different intensity depending on the profession exercised. For example, a dentist has a higher risk of causing harm to a patient than a virtual assistant.
What is clear is that if damages or losses are derived from the action or omission of a self-employed person who is working, these must be compensated. That is why there is the figure of professional civil liability. Having this risk covered by insurance is mandatory in many cases, but in those in which there is no obligation, it is highly recommended that you take out insurance of this type.
To understand all this better, we must first make an approach to civil liability, which is a topic that we have all heard about but that we do not always understand in its entirety.

Todo lo que debes saber sobre la responsabilidad civil profesional

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