This is the civil and criminal responsibility that can be demanded of the student who commits bullying

September 21 , 2021 // Specialty

Published in ABC

School harassment or bullying takes hold again with the opening of schools.

Undoubtedly, there are many students who live in their own flesh this form of physical, verbal or psychological abuse that occurs repeatedly over time, with occasional violent incidents being out of this question.
It is characterized by continuity in time, and can consist of physical attacks, threats, humiliation, coercion, insults, deliberate isolation ... that seek to intimidate, intimidate or frighten the victim.
Eduardo de Pablo Gil, lawyer, explains in the following article how victims and aggressors should deal with it from a legal point of view.
Three elements are seen in bullying - the imbalance of power, intentionality and repetition - which lead to various forms of bullying.


Esta es la responsabilidad civil y penal que se puede exigir al alumno que comete acoso escolar

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