The civil responsibility of the parents for damages caused by their minor children in cases of non-coexistence

February 02 , 2018 // Specialty

Published in Noticias Jurídicas

Summary: The civil responsibility of the parents for the harmful facts caused by their minor children, has a double regulation in the Spanish ordering. In the penal order in article 61.3 of the Organic Law 5/2000, of January 12, of Criminal Responsibility of the Minor, and in the civil order, in the article 1903 of the Civil Code. Both regulations are different, allowing the moderation of the responsibility in the criminal order but not in the civil one, and always responding both parents although they do not coexist in the penal order, but not in the civil one.

1.- The concurrence of norms around the civil responsibility of the parents for the damages caused by their children
2.- The different treatment of civil responsibility of parents in civil and criminal orders
3.- The jurisprudential interpretation of Article 1903 CC
4.-The responsibility in case of life separated from the parents
5.-The responsibility of other relatives

La responsabilidad civil de los padres por daños causados por sus hijos menores en supuestos de no convivencia

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