The APC shields with an insurance policy the civil and criminal liability of its administrators and directors

September 30 , 2019 // Specialty

Published in Ceuta Actualidad

The Ceuta Port Authority has tendered the contracting of a civil and criminal liability insurance policy for the administrators and senior managers of the Port Authority of Ceuta for a value of 48,000 euros and for a period of four years.

The purpose of the contract is the subscription of a civil and criminal liability policy for the administrators and senior executives of the Port Authority of Ceuta, having the status of insured in this policy, the president, the director, the secretary, the State Advocacy of the Port Authority, as well as all other members of its board of directors.
The Ceuta Port Authority is the policyholder and the insurer will be in charge of the extra-contractual liability that may arise for the insured, in accordance with articles 1902 and following of the Civil Code, as a result of the involuntary damages caused to third parties for facts that derive from the risk specified in this Specification.
Within the limits set by this Specification, the insured shall be borne by the insured: The payment to the injured parties or their beneficiaries of the compensation to which the insured's civil, criminal, administrative and accounting liability took place. The payment of judicial and extrajudicial costs and expenses inherent to the incident, which will be paid in the same proportion existing between the compensation that the Insurer must pay, in accordance with the provisions of the policy, and the total amount of the insured's responsibility in the sinister. The constitution of administrative and judicial bonds, including the accounting jurisdiction, required of the insured to guarantee their civil, criminal, administrative and accounting responsibility.
Unless otherwise agreed in any judicial proceeding arising from a claim covered by the policy, the insurer will assume the expenses of the legal address in the face of the claim of the injured party, being able to designate or propose the lawyers and attorneys who will defend and represent the insured in the legal proceedings that were followed in claiming civil or criminal liability covered by this policy, and even if those claims were unfounded. Unlimited retroactivity due to unknown facts.
Payments of fines or penalties or the consequences of their default will not be included among the risks covered by the policy.
The accident compensation limits are 6,000,000.00 euros. Indemnity limit per victim 6,000,000.00 euros. Maximum compensation limit for insurance annuity 6,000,000.00 euros.
The tender is through a simplified open procedure and interested companies have until 19.00 hours on October 10, 2019 to submit their bids. The best cost-effectiveness criteria will be used to choose the best one, as explained in the announcement published for this purpose.

La APC blinda con una póliza de seguro la responsabilidad civil y penal de sus administradores y directivos

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