Scooters are not required to take out liability insurance: In the event of an accident, who deals with the damage?

August 20 , 2021 // Specialty : Liability derived from the use of motor vehicles

Published in Burgos Noticias

For some time now, the dilemma with electric scooters has been on everyone's lips. There are many complaints in the city by drivers, since scooters often circulate on the road, collapsing traffic on more than one occasion. The issue of speeds is something with which citizens have very thin skin, although it does not take more than to go out to the street to realize that there are many drivers who do not comply with the traffic regulations at 30 km / h. In the case of personal mobility vehicles (PMVs) another dilemma arises: insurance. A few months ago, the DGT published that electric scooters are not obliged to take out civil liability insurance, due to the complaint of the rest of the drivers, since these new vehicles have proliferated upwards in all the cities of our country. So in case of going on the road where a car and a scooter collide, how do you have to act? If the scooter is to blame, what happens? First of all, it is necessary to clarify who has really been the cause of the mishap. If you have been the driver of the scooter, lacking insurance, it would be a judge who would have to determine the claim for physical and material damages. But for this the victim, in this case the driver of the car, would have to file a complaint so that action could be taken on the matter. In the event that the driver of the scooter has home insurance, this will not be valid, since it will only be valid for manual vehicles such as a pedal bike, but not for electric ones. 

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