Health Professional Civil Liability insurance will no longer be offered by some insurers

November 09 , 2022 // Specialty : Professional Liability: lawyers, doctors and other professionals

Published in Acta Sanitaria

The Uniteco Professional insurance brokerage has warned that healthcare companies and professionals are "at risk", since "some insurance companies stop offering Healthcare Professional Civil Liability insurance", in the face of which it assures that it has developed "programs that provide solutions to guaranteeing him the protection he needs".

According to Uniteco Profesional, "some insurers, as is the case with Mapfre, are notifying their health customers that they will stop offering Health Civil Liability products." "Once the current period of their policy expires, they will not be able to renew their Health Civil Liability insurance, being discovered, as they do not have a valid policy," he laments.

In addition, "other companies have considerably increased their premiums or have eliminated coverage that exposes both companies and health professionals," continues this entity, adding that the situation is "worrying." In fact, he assures that "panic has spread among many professionals and entities in the health sector."

Los seguros de Responsabilidad Civil Profesional Sanitaria dejarán de ser ofertados por algunas aseguradoras

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