Civil protection requires everyone's responsibility

December 28 , 2018 // Specialty

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The governor Rutilio Escandón Cadenas headed the installation of the State Council of Civil Protection, where he emphasized that the actions in that area, as in security, require the best results for the welfare of the population of all the municipalities of the state.
He acknowledged the effort and support for Chiapas from the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and called for the greater coordination and collaboration of all the institutions to be more efficient, because not only is it necessary to have a presence, but also to meet the priority needs of the people throughout the territory.
In the presence of the president of the Congress, Rosa Elizabeth Bonilla Hidalgo; of the Secretary of Civil Protection, Luis Manuel García Moreno; of the federal delegate of Integral Programs of Development, José Antonio Aguilar Castillejos; and the representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Gontrán Villalobos Sánchez, the president pointed out that the jealousy and the tasks divided between authorities because they are of different levels have ended.
From now on, added Governor Rutilio Escandón, inter-institutional coordination is elementary and fundamental, since results depend on it and society is attentive to the call when it comes to helping to solve different social events.
"Each one must provide solutions and we have to help each other, which implies having a lot of information and communication, but also knowledge to be able to help people; for that reason in the Secretariat of Civil Protection Luis Manuel García Moreno continues to lead, because we need experience and preparation, not improvisation, "he said.
In the installation and taking of protest of the State Council of Civil Protection, held in the Chiapas Room of the Government Palace, the president asked for commitment and compliance with the Law of Civil Protection of the State of Chiapas, to protect life, property and Chiapas environment, and in case of any emergency or disaster, activate the personnel and resources necessary to protect the citizens.
On the other hand, the regional director of the National Water Commission (Conagua), Juan Gabriel Limón Lara, affirmed that the hurricane and cyclone season officially ended on November 30, with a total of 37 named cyclones , of which 22 were formed in the Pacific Ocean and 15 in the Atlantic Ocean.
He explained that although the cyclonic season was active until the second half of the year, in terms of effects on the state, most were due to occurrences of storms, cold fronts and heat waves.
In this regard, he said that from January 1 to December 20 of this year a total of seven declarations of emergency and natural disasters were registered, with a total of 87 affected municipalities, the most relevant being the one that occurred on August 16 that affected to the municipality of Villa Comaltitlán, where works are being carried out with the resources of the National Fund for Natural Disasters (Fonden).
He said that the winter season officially began this Friday, December 21 and will end on March 20, 2019, a period in which a total of 50 frontal systems are expected, of which 18 have been prevented and one more for the month December, as well as six cold fronts for the month of January 2019. Of the latter, five are expected to affect Chiapas.

La protección civil requiere responsabilidad de todos

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