Civil Liability: What happens if I cause damage to a third party during my professional activity?

August 16 , 2019 // Specialty : Professional Liability: lawyers, doctors and other professionals

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Very possibly you have raised the doubt. Either you are a private individual, or a large company, you are not exempt from being able to cause damage to a third party during the exercise of your activity, and as we see anyone who causes it is obliged to repair it. The obligation, in many cases, usually involves compensation whose amount is determined according to the type of damage caused.
The Spanish Civil Code regulates civil relations between natural and legal persons. Collect a multitude of matters and cases, dividing the common Civil Law into: people, things and actions.
Specifically, article 1902 of the Civil Code, says: "He who by action or omission causes harm to another, intervening fault or negligence, is obliged to repair the damage caused."
Consequently, there are the different Civil Liability Insurance with which to face the incidents according to the situation.
H2 The types of civil liability insurance in the workplace:
All work activity involves risks and can cause damage to third parties. Whether you work as a freelancer on an individual basis, or if you run an SME, Corporate Liability Insurance is necessary to protect your business.
In fact, in various branches and contexts, liability insurance is mandatory. The insurances adapt to practically all the cases, offering the necessary characteristics for each one. Whatever your situation, we leave you with the most typical cases in which it is essential to hire RC insurance:
• Civil Liability for freelancers:
For the self-employed (self-employed). There are insurances that cover the possible claims that a third party can make and avoid the risk of facing the expenses derived from a work-related accident and damages to the third party.
• Civil Liability for companies:
This type of insurance is aimed at professionals with an academic degree who perform their work in a company, and there are many different cases: equity RC, general RC, professional RC ... There are also insurers that cover a wide range of professional activities, and others specialized in a certain sector, such as ASP, brokerage specialized in construction technicians, architects and riggers.
Many workers are exposed to suffer claims or claims by third parties, so it is important to have an RC policy in addition to intellectual property coverage, legal expenses or loss of documents.
• Cross Liability:
They cover claims for damages caused by companies subcontracted by the insured. If a client is harmed, he does not have to know the intermediaries who have intervened in the transaction or business but it is customary to directly claim any damage to the original company.
• Civil Liability for managers and managers:
Many managers need to have coverage to protect their personal assets, as well as the economic consequences of possible defense processes.

Responsabilidad Civil: ¿Qué sucede si causo daños a un tercero durante mi actividad profesional?

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