«Civil liability is much more important than what citizens think»

November 28 , 2018 // Specialty

Published in El Comercio

On behalf of the Principality, the General Director of Justice, Encarnación Vicente (Avilés, 1969), attended the inauguration, who wanted to show his support towards the professionals dedicated to civil responsibility, to whom he thanked his presence in the region. "I hope you can enjoy it," he said.
-How do you value that Gijón hosts a congress of this category?
- Both for Gijón and for Asturias it is important that a congress be held with such a high affluence. In addition, among them are very important people: judges of the Supreme Court, well-known lawyers, presidents of provincial hearings ... All of them will deal with truly important issues, especially for citizenship.
- What is the true importance of civil responsibility?
-Well, civil liability is actually present in almost every day-to-day act of everyday life. We can put examples as mundane as mishaps as a traffic accident, which are the best known. Whether you are guilty or innocent, you have the right to claim a series of responsibilities. The same happens in the case of a dog escaping from your home and causing some kind of damage. You can really apply this specialty to many types of situations, perhaps the best known is the traffic, but today, we ensure many things, everything is immersed in this issue.
- What do you think of those who accuse the justice of being politicized?
- I do not want to enter to value it because I do not believe that it is to me who corresponds to do it. From the General Directorate of Justice we are focused on providing sufficient personal and material means to the different judicial bodies under our jurisdiction.

«La responsabilidad civil es mucho más importante de lo que la ciudadanía piensa»

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