Are Drones are aircraft models?

January 03 , 2016 // Specialty : Environmental liability

Published in Editorial jurídica Sepin

They are the latest craze, the machines in the near future replace the messengers, monitor forests for fire prevention and may be used for other multiple functions, for example, it occurs to me, guarding roads and parking in ciudades.¡¡Los !! drones.

But are there no longer manned aircraft for AeroControl? It can be considered for use as model airplane? Should they be regulated as such? Yes, but no; the difference will come Porel use made of the aircraft, if the use is sporty model aircraft will be, however, if used for performing aerial work will be drones. According to the Aviation Safety Authority (EFSA), drones will be considered in the following activities:

  • Research and development activities.
    Air, pesticides and other substances that pose spread on the ground or the atmosphere, including product launch activities for firefighting treatments.
    Aerial surveys.
    Observation and aerial surveillance activities including filming and monitoring of forest fires.
    Aerial advertising, radio and TV.
    Emergency operations, search and rescue.
    Other special works not included in the above list.

¿Los Drones son aeromodelos?

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