The City would be the subsidiary civil liability in the case of 'Lope de Vega'

May 18 , 2018 // Legal Reforms and Debate

Published in El Faro de Ceuta

The diligences that for almost two and a half months has been the head of the Court of Instruction No. 2 for the alleged commission of several crimes of sexual abuse by a worker of the Employment Plan on several minors inside and outside the Lope de Vega CEIP, where he was assigned from the beginning of the course until last March 4, when he was arrested, they continue to advance with the researched in prison. As reported by judicial sources, some personification is currently being processed (such as that of the MECD) and the Autonomous City has been informed of the existence of the procedure and its possible subsidiary civil responsibility after analyzing whether it should correspond to that Administration, the Ministry of Education or the school itself.
The City has already sent to the competent Court the contract that bound him to the defendant, J.A.G., a 51-year-old man who since his arrest has been imprisoned without bail.
In parallel, the case is pending to incorporate a photographic report requested from the Police of the place where the criminal acts allegedly took place in the form of touching on the minors with between six and ten years.
The defendant was arrested initially denounced by a neighbor in his neighborhood on account of an alleged abuse committed on his daughter
Based on the testimony of that first child, the agents involved in the investigation accumulated "indications" that the individual may have engaged in similar criminal behavior in the school environment, suspicions that have supported the more or less extensive statements, depending on their age , about a dozen more children.
The investigating judge ordered the entry into prison of the accused for an alleged ongoing crime of sexual abuse of children under 16 years of age.
For one of the cases he faces up to twelve years in prison and six more for each of the other nine, a total of 66. During his testimony in court the detainee denied the facts attributed to him.
One of the complaints, the first, he attributed to his "bad relationships" with the parents of one girl and for the other nine he claimed to have no "explanation" whatsoever.
The accounts of some of the presumed victims have pointed out that, in the educational center, the subject was often next to the female service that the Primary students use to make the referred calls and urge them not to say anything to anyone.
The Supreme Court has recently considered in a similar case registered in a center in Madrid that the testimony of nine children on various court cases and the same operative method was "direct evidence" that "becomes direct and immediate in a simple inductive process without causing loss some of the credibility the lack of absolute episodic agreement or the periodicity of the same ones ".

La Ciudad sería la responsable civil subsidiaria en el caso del ‘Lope de Vega’

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