Experts meet in Madrid to address issues of great interest as the application of the Right of Damage

February 23 , 2018 // Conferences, seminars and courses

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The next days 8 and 9 of March of 2018, in the Hall of Acts of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations of Madrid (CSIC, Serrano Street, nº 117) will celebrate the two intense days of work of the IV Edition of DAMAGE, RESPONSIBILITY AND INSURANCE, International Congress on the Law of Damages.
The Congress, led by the lawyer and specialist in civil liability, Mariano José Herrador Guardia, will bring together the most qualified and relevant speakers, to discuss topics of great interest such as the application of the right of damages.
The program will begin with a review of fundamental issues such as the revision of the consolidated and current jurisprudence of the Supreme Court in the lawsuits for damages, by the hand of the president of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court, Francisco Marín Castán. Together with him, the international professor Guido Alpa, a reference for European civil liability who will present the current issues of the Law of Damage in Europe, will give an international vision.
The day will continue with the panel of specialists who will transfer questions of general interest in the application of the Law of Damages. Specific specificities such as consumer protection, responsibility for the shortage of funds, the burning problems of medical-health responsibility, and issues arising from civil liability in criminal proceedings will also be studied. The first day will conclude with an act of homage and memory to the one who was the State's Attorney General, José Manuel Maza Martin.
On the second day will be deepened on issues concerning damage, with review of the two years of application of the new scale of personal injury, corporate responsibility and compensation for damage, the protection of victims and injured by the Prosecutor or the responsibility derived from illicit behavior.
Two round tables will also be held at the congress, which will focus on the defense of two proposals for the improvement of justice: the first will be dedicated to the defense of orality in the second instance; and the second one, to the improvement of the expert test, for what will be counted on great experts.
Added to all the above, a panel of lectures-colloquium to address issues of interest regarding liability insurance, such as direct action and the problems of effective judicial protection, the assurance of moral damage or violation of the duties of the insured and its consequences.

The presentations and interventions will be made by more than 25 great specialists from the judiciary, the prosecution, the university and the legal profession. Judges Francisco Marín Castán, María Ángeles Parra Lucán, Ignacio Sancho Gargallo, Antonio del Moral García and José Antonio Seijas Quintana will come from the Supreme Court; of the Constitutional Court Juan Antonio Xiol Ríos will attend; from other courts, José Luis Seonae Spiegelberg and Emilio Palomo Balda; the president of the Spanish Law, Victoria Ortega; the chief prosecutor of the Technical Secretariat of the State Attorney General's Office, José Miguel de la Rosa Cortina; professors and members of different universities and lawyers, such as Guido Alpa, Martín García-Ripoll, Fernando Peña, Carmen González Carrasco, Juan José Marín López, Mariano Yzquierdo, Sonia Ramos, Ricardo Alonso, José Alberto Revilla, Julio César Galán Cortes, Joaquín Ataz López and Juan José Almagro; and expert experts such as Jorge Padilla and Santiago Delgado.
Attendees to the Congress will receive a book of more than a thousand pages in an exclusive hard cover edition, edited by the Lefebvre-El Derecho publishing house, which contains all the papers and legal works that will be held at the congress, constituting a valuable tool for work and permanent consultation for professionals.
As a finishing touch, the closing conference will take place, which will be delivered by the writer and Prince of Asturias Award for Literature, Antonio Muñoz Molina, under the title Uncertainty and the norm.
The objective of the congress is to seek excellence both in the topics to be discussed and in the speakers who will develop them for the congressmen, all in order to ensure that there are two days of maximum benefit for all those who deal with and care about the best application possible of a very important branch of the Law as it is the one of the Civil Responsibility and the Insurance, that demands a constant and solvent formation to all the professionals that to her they are dedicated.

Expertos se reúnen en Madrid para abordar temas de gran interés como la aplicación del Derecho de Daños

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